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The start of my 30 day fast for mind body and soul

Date:   4/17/2014 8:47:51 AM ( 7 y ago)

Hello Everyone,

Today is day #1 of my journey through fasting. I have decided to join this site not only to share my experience, but gain inspiration/knowledge from those of you who share a like-mindness on the subject.

Just to give you a short and sweet background on myself, I am currently a single mother of two little boys. I work as an LPN in a local nursing home and finishing up on my RN degree now. Throughout my years of medical education I have become disgusted with the way we "treat" many conditions with an overload of synthetic substance. In attempt to broaden my knowledge I have read books by Joel Fuhrman - Fasting and Eating for Health -Eat to live, Shelton's - The Science and Fine arts of fasting, Dr. Dean Ornish's Reversing Heart Disease and Dr. Campbell's The China Study. I practice many of these lifestyle choices intermittently, but now have decided to make the change permanent.

To start my journey I will be completing a 30 day fast for detox. The First 20 days will be a strict water only fast, followed by another 10 of juicing. My goal for this fast is a general overall improvement in mind, body and soul. I would like to break myself of the bad habits, create new, and experience empty. Feel free to message me with any questions or advice you may have. I will be posting a daily journal of my experience and updates.

So here goes....
ht- 5'5"
wt- 146


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