Day 7 by mariposa azul .....

7 days - A whole. Entire week!

Date:   3/11/2014 5:23:51 PM ( 8 y ago)

I can't believe it has been a week. I must say that I am feeling mighty proud. It's good timing, 'cause today - I am feeling it. I must also say that I am glad I continue on walking on my thread mill every day (-1) since starting on this fast.
It helps charge up my energy battery in the morning - if it wasn't for that, I am certain my energy level would be very, very low. I hope to continue on with it.
I am 10 LBS lighter - and liking it.
Feeling a bit crabby & chilly & can't shake this cough....but I am 10lbs lighter - and liking it.
Feeling Blessed - feeling grateful - feeling crabby...but thank you Jesus for another day in this earth!!!


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