Day 2 by mariposa azul .....

I am at the start line of my spiritual fast.

Date:   3/6/2014 12:37:43 PM ( 8 y ago)

I am not gonna lie - I am feeling Hungry....especially as I sit here and the smell of food surrounds the office.
I am sipping on my coffee.....and I am still hungry.
Snap, snap out of it my friend!!!!!

So I went to Lent mass yesterday, with my babies.
It was hard to be fully committed to service while putting out the fires of fighting, playing and all that whining!! Jeez. But managed to pull it through..only to have the little one almost get run over in the church parking lot... talk about a devotional-time buzz kill.
As I was walking on the thread mill this morning - it struck me that I was too busy scolding my little one last night - she was literally a pinky from being struck by a car backing out & scared the crap out of me.
This morning i realized that I forgot to thank God - what a miracle and a gift! This morning sure would have been different were it not for Him being there for me as he always is ...
Not that I never thank God. I am constantly thanking God: for helping me find lost keys, shoes, etc. For helping me work out through family issues,work related issues...for giving me the most wonderful family, and on & on my list goes.
Then, I realized...I thank Him and I just as quickly, move on to the next thing - or I move on to my next request..Please God can you, would you?...Kinda sad huh, I even over-indulge in my personal requests to God & then forget, and keep on requesting, taking, thanking and on it goes. I am so very fortunate, and I just don't want forget!

Can't believe I lost five pounds.
Not my intentions for this fast, but of course I know that it will be a most welcomed consequence. He knows my heart, and that it is not about weight loss. My angel was concerned that I will get sick if I don't eat anything.
I assured him that I will be drinking juices - vegetable & fruit juice for nourishment. He felt better after that.
He is worried about me and I love him for it.
Better find that juicer! Maybe it's in the garage! LOL

He is thrilled that I won't be a couch potato for the next 40 days! He has been very vocal about my lack of interests, sports and hobbies these past few years. Don't blame him, it is not who he married & frankly i know that it is not a good example for my children...but boy, getting home from work, doing the routine with the kids, and then ploppin on the couch to disconnect & get entertained by the most ridiculous, entertaining tv time...i can't lie....i have enjoyed. so we shall see how i do with that,,,,more on that by weeks' end.
Feels good to know I have Sundays.....I am still a little heathen, I guess!! LOL


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