Day 60! by exposure .....

Slowly Transiting off the Fast for a couple of weeks...

Date:   12/29/2013 8:11:20 PM ( 10 y ago)

Today is the 60th day since starting my liquid fast the 1st of Nov :) I've come a long way.
The sun is shining and I'm busy this morning, doing loads of laundry, organizing my fundraising kit for sausage sizzles, doing some officework, dealing with bills - it's very much a monday morning ;)
I've lost over 25 - maybe closer to 28lbs since I began and have started eating a little bit again the last few days --
I'm going away in 10 or 11 days - it's N.Y.E. tommorrow night and I want to be able to have a few drinks and pick at any platters and socialize :)
2014 resolutions - to keep up the good work, transit onto a day on day off fast diet - one day, eat normally with more of a mind towards fresh wholefoods in general and the alt day having 4-600 cals - making this my new lifestyle and getting good at it!
Keeping up my yoga and fitness, walking and doing some strength training. Maybe another liquid fast stint when I return late Jan from my road trip & retreat in nsw.
The warm weather should increase and keep going now till March, May.. so I've got a big season in front of me in which to keep going with what I've started.
At the moment I'm still drinking a lot of my daily diet - today was a morning glass of lemon and warm water, a cup of weak coffee, a big glass of kefir with a small peach blended in and vanilla and 100g of lf cottage cheese. It's getting on 1PM now, and I've got a few bunches of chinese broccoli in the crisper and a small 150g peice of salmon in the freezer - if I feel like a dinner tonight I'll steam the veg and salmon - I've got a friend coming over who I haven't seen in a long time, bringing a bottle of wine - so I won't be suprized if I don't do the meal - and instead make up some kind of dips and pita thing to go along with a glass of wine -- might just let the guest and my bf eat most of that and stick to 1 wine and go very easy there... Don't really feel like eating bread - maybe I'll get a few nice olives and a bit of feta or something to go with that instead and just nibble a few of those.
Well - I'm winding off the fast now really for the time being - I've been having just one very small 'meal' each day for a few days and I'm going to kind of stick to this - no big re-feeding, don't even feel like it - yesterday I had 3 hand rolls of sushi which was nice and a bit of popcorn later that night. It's nice tasting and eating a little but there is no real hunger for the most part - and I don't need to have much to feel full and satiated. I'm going to keep this light thing up like this for some time, the idea is to keep to this way of light eating and still doing a lot of liquids until I get back from the trip - then maybe fast again for 21 days or something shorter - then go back to some light eating, working a bit more weight off this way while the weather is good and eventually transiting off fasting altogether and onto the intermittent 1:1 diet.
I'll blog again now and then as I go -
Best of luck to all out there!


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