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In order to use the coffee enemas for liver cleansing and detoxing it is necessary that your large intestines be well emptied out before taking the coffee enemas, otherwise the coffee enemas will be much less effective.

So you several ways to accomplish this. I am only going to give a few examples, there are many more ways to do this.
My preference is to take the coffee enemas early in the morning as soon as I wake-up. So to have a clean bowel what I do is to take several cleansing enemas the night before so that I will get up with an empty bowel. My usual routine is to take a large soapsuds enema followed by a plain water enema. In the morning I take 2 two-cup coffee enemas, back to back, with a 15 minutes retention time. Works well for me.

I know others who have a regular early morning BM, immediately after having this BM they take a large plain water cleansing enema, which empties out their large intestines. They are ready for the coffee enemas.

I know some that take a strong laxative the night before so that they have a large BM early in the morning after which they take a cleansing enema and then they ready for the coffee enemas.

To be effective for detoxing and liver cleansing, you need to do the coffee enemas for a period of time. I don't know of an exact time table but my gut feeling tells me that unless I do it for one month or more I have not accomplished much. True I do take a 3-day juice fast for detoxing with cleansing and coffee enemas in between my usual detox routing twice a year for one month each time.

Needless to say that diet and way of life (with enough sleep, exercise and fun) are super important besides detoxing. I am 87 and used to suffer from diabetes, hypertension, too rapid heart beat, and emphysema. I still have a heart that wants to run to fast but has been somewhat tamed by a pacemaker and I still suffer from emphysema. And recently got hit with psoriasis and possibly with rheumatoid arthritis. Both a nuisance but not a killer. So I keep on going.


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