Day 50 - A little pause and a little food by exposure .....

Getting to 50 days for the first time ever!

Date:   12/19/2013 7:00:32 PM ( 10 y ago)

Today is the 50th day since I began my fast the 1st of Nov.
It's been a wonderful fast - I kept on liquids only with very little dairy (a splash of milk in tea a couple times a day and the occasional half and half in a coffee or cocoa) with water, a juice or two most days, and shrub cordials...
after 30 days of this, I started having small amounts of kefir as well - and continued this up to 48 days, having a bit of broth a couple of times and bringing the kefir slowly up to about 2 small glasses a day max.
I got to 48 days last week feeling like the weight was not really dropping much at all - it dropped a lot the first 30 days than just crawled along after that - so I thought I'd have a few days leading up to Christmas which is here early next week - eating some small amounts of food - and then go back to another week or 10 days of liquids to bring me up to 60 days.
So it's day 50 today - on day 48, I shared a small plate of nachos slowly with my bf - they were a pretty light plate of nachos from a really fresh healthy place - no beans, not much cheese etc... light little chips - that was nice and didn't really seem to make any impact on my stomach - then I had a big hand roll of salmon/avocado sushi - sort of ate half of it that night slowly and the other half the next day. This seemed filling, ate it really slowly and it was a very nice thing to enjoy the feeling and flavor after all that time. Last night after that I went out and got a bit of grilled fish & octopus pack that I like from a place I go to sometimes - and had I guess my first small meal with a Polanski film - that was really nice as well - just felt like the best thing would be some lean easy to digest protein - throughly enjoyed - only ate maybe 1/3rd of the food - will finish that over today and tomorrow and after these 4 days of having a little bit of food I think I'll go back to liquids only until day 60 - maybe I'll have broth of a soup during that time once or twice if I feel like that - that will bring me up to the end of December -- It's easy for me to fast through Christmas this year, no family, no parties, nothing - just me and my partner and he's not into Christmas and totally understands my fasting. I might suck on a few reeces pieces while I open my presents lol - that will be enough Christmas cheer for me. The only thing that really sucks sometimes is that after all this wonderful fasting - I really can't drink the holiday alcohol that flows around so much (even more so in the hot Aussie summer!) Sometimes, when the weather climbs - the idea of just a nice night drinking beers is enticing - but I know it would make me feel sick - so that's not gonna happen! I'm sure that's a plus for my health - I'm not much of a drinker at all - it's a real blue moon thing for me, I enjoy it a bit more in the summer though & New Years of course - might have to be a bit of a dry one this year :)
Well - I've lost about 20 lbs - am feeling and looking great - fitting into all my cute shorts and swim suits again - ready to be a bathing beauty lol... much happier looking and feeling this way - I really hate chubbing up and losing that youthful appearance -- am really pumped now to start an intermittent fasting lifestyle and try to keep myself this way and avoid packing those pounds on again. Going to be working more on my plan and a set of recipes for the 1:1 intermittent fasting lifestlye during the remainder of this fast. Might buy that book my friends had as well :)
Well - that's me blogging in - A little summation.
I feel great about getting here - to 50 days - even eating a little, it was not at all a caving to temptation - I totally overcame that this fast and only made the decision to eat a little after getting so far along and finding the weight loss was not doing much - I thought, maybe I should have a little bit of food over a few days to stimulate my body - boost my metabolism and give it the signal that it go back into burn mode before doing another little leg.
I'm really not sure what the truth is re. how fasting effects metabolism, there is so much misinformation out there re. the body and weight loss - I'm going to keep researching and try to find out what that truth is. I've been reading up and having some conversations about that - some people claim metabolism drastically drops when fasting, some say it drops that speeds up - most of the info I could find was for short fasts of only a few days which doesn't help me much - and/or water fasts - which again isn't relevant to my type of fast. I might look into caloric restriction (does it really matter whether it's solids or liquids ie. from a caloric point of view when dealing with metabolism... I suppose going on a break from solids effects the body by sending it into a more concerted cleansing mode... shutting the gates as it were - but on a juice fast you are still taking in so many calories... in that way it's a kind of calorie restriction diet...)
anyway - questions to answer... SO -- not really sure if one needs to stimulate metabolism or not... I think in the long run, weight loss will always be quick at first and then slow - and if one continues to simply burn more calories per day than they take in it's going to continue at some rate - I'm still wanting to drop more weight - my ideal is to get to about 145 again (my weight in my 20's) and I'm at about 168 now - got to about 165 at the lowest point in the fast --I'm pretty happy with the way I look and feel here, I've still got weight to lose though - so I'm feeling so good in the fast, have been really enjoying it and having a very easy time with it - honestly, after the first 30 days it became very natural and I rarely ever thought about food or eating and felt very comfortable in the liquid diet -- I know this can't go on forever, but there is no reason I can't continue on this summer for quite some time -- the plan at the moment is kind of loose - to just keep going to 60 and beyond, maybe even to 90 just eating a little like this every week or 10 days then having a break again - maybe partly to trigger my body though I'm not sure if that's relevant, and partly to break up any fasting boredom and give myself a little boost of nutrition and protein etc - it feels good, I sense going this way gives my body a chance to repair muscles and tissue etc - when in a deep fast and I work out intensely for example, I can experience an extra bit of soreness and cramping during the recovery phase - it's made me a little hesitant to do some kinds of exercise this fast which I think I'll add on now during these small eating days - a little bit of weights and muscle building exercises, as I feel like I'll recover and deal best with them at this time. Bit of a ramble here - there's a lot flitting through my mind - I hope my writings help inspire and inform other fasters - for me the journey of fasting has been going on for more than a decade and I love having this way of revitalizing myself. It's done me countless benefits - and continues to :) I'd recommend it to anyone and advise them that it's a lifetime journey that gets better and better as you gain experience and grow with it, learning about yourself and the wonders of fasting.
Swastiastu :)


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