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Date:   12/11/2013 6:10:28 PM ( 10 y ago)

42 days today and the fast is going very well. This is now the longest fast I've completed and it's not over yet - I'm really happy to get so far this time & I feel so good, and the fast is so easy - I'm heading for the new goal of 50 days atm and we'll see how I go from there.
Weight Loss on this fast might be not as rapid as I'd like sometimes - I weighed in at 169.7 lbs on day 38, then weighed again on day 40 at 166.6 - so not a big loss for 8 whole fasting days -- it seems to have slowed down to about half or maybe a little better than half of what it was when I started the fast initially... I would really like to get down to 155. 155 or even ideally 145lbs but not sure at this rate as that seems like it would take a long time fasting... If getting to 50 days only gets me down to 162 or 163 - not sure I'm up for 20 or 30 more days past that... It's a long time - with the fast going this well, it's possible that I might just keep going to my goal weight - don't know about going much beyond 50 or 60 days fasting this time round though... not so sure - started this on the 1st Nov, 60 days would bring me to the end of Dec - which is not far now really... it's the 12th today... anyway... as awesome as it would be to get back to what I weighed in at through my 20's (generally abt 145 back in those days) not sure I'm going to make it all in one go --
Haven't made the step of going back to the gym yet, adding this on might help a lot towards day 50 and 60 getting me a lot closer... Perhaps I should motivate myself and get back to the gym... the last 8 days has seen me too busy for almost any practice or yoga - it has been a generally busy fast - the first 2 weeks of it were a bit more balanced as I had the isolation with my partner being away - even so, I did a lot of activity during that time, massively going over the house and starting up with yoga and a lot of practice -- since then, it's been kinda busy busy - so many things always coming up - I think I've got the next week and a half clear now - so a good time to get back to yoga, practice, some walks again and go see about the gym. I'm a bit in 2 minds really though about whether I want to start weight training again - it's great for quick results - just want to slim down more and not sure I want the shoulders and arms that go with weights... I've always been strong and big in that area - toning up my triceps would probably be good, not sure I want to do shoulders and biceps tho... maybe I just avoid those exercises and do more weight free movement for that part of my body... have to think about that question a bit if I'm going to head back there to the gym again... yoga is good as it develops my body in a way I like more - supple, slender, not bulking you up but still building strength... miss the results from the ab exercises I did at the gym though and the cardio which was always good to get my energy levels up. Hmmmm.. food for thought.
Went to a BBQ at a friends place the night before last - before doing a 2nd in a row (3rd since the fast started) fundraising sausage sizzle -- at the BBQ I mentioned I was fasting.. kinda had to as everyone was feasting :) and my friends had also got hip to the BBC Intermittent Fasting Program/Diet and were doing it 5:2 - they had even bought the 5:2 recipe book the guy advertises on his website (I'd seen that a week or 2 ago and decided not to buy it, now thinking I might though, it was pretty good & would be helpful) so that was nice and unexpected - the fundraiser went well - then I've had rooms to rent, been busy with tenants moving and things to fix up in the houses I look after -- today is free to work on music with the exception that I might have to head out tonight to move a new guy in -- Well... am going to continue on this fast - a couple of days this past week had me bring about a liter full of kefir out with me to get through an all day, out of the house work or event - that worked really well, going to back off on it for the next few days though and just go back to a glass or two - maybe none some days. Haven't had a juice for a few days - it's just been that busy - so want to go a bit lighter again for a few days if I am able to be at home with herbal teas and a juice etc...
It's been really easy this fast, with the exception of a few times of cravings and temptation to break it which I'm proud to say I withstood and got past. My feeling has generally been very good, clear - though there has been a very short temper, some emotions coming up some of the time - don't know why the short temper thing - I'm easily irritated and the anger thing... it's triggered by people doing the wrong thing, disrespect, abuse, messing things up, etc I don't normally react this way though - so that part of me seems thin... I sense it's underlying issues being much closer to the surface and probably should investigate this in meditative contemplation as it's rare I'm this close to those issues - they are usually deeply buried - I can be quite numb to my own pain, thinking to myself 'what's the point' maybe this could become a healing time when I come to know myself more deeply... Need a bit of time and uninterrupted at that for this process. It's sort of at the back of my mind as I've been so busy.
Will weigh myself again Day 45 and Day 50 and blog in now and then to keep up the fasting journal. Need to do a little bit more work on planning out my intermittent fast 1:1 diet for when I do wind this down - still thinking that's a ways away though as winding this down could take some time.
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