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Period, wobbles, will and bit of broth

Date:   12/7/2013 10:23:46 PM ( 10 y ago)

Day 38 today - woke up very smiley. It's mostly been good this fast, there are times it's been a little back and forth - four or five days will go brilliantly then I have a day or three sometimes where it's a bit tough and I feel emotions - irritable, angry, cravings etc - mostly no real hunger... find if I get through these days with a bit of strong will they quickly pass and I return to a very good state - this deep in the fast I'm not 'tired' but I'm finding I have to watch my pace and how much I'm doing. I've been a busy girl throughout a lot of this fast & that stacks up and overwhelms me much more easily than were I eating.
When I can wake without any pressing matter - sleep well and sleep in a bit if I need - do my practices, go inward - that is the best - too much outward activity and drama can be a bit much for me in this stage of things, though none of that has actually knocked me off the horse!
I've lost a lot of weight - still a bit more to go - not going to weigh myself now till day 40 - than I'll do it again at day 50 -- it brings a bit of motivation to spread that out and if my mind starts to focus on breaking the fast it gives me a nearby goal that helps steer away from that thought. I'm drinking more of the kefir now as I mentioned in my last post - it's been wonderful to add it to the fast and it makes me feel really great -- a very special thing to be sure -- on that subject, I noticed a bit change in my body after the first week or so of incorporating it - I went much flatter in the stomach and seemed to lose weight quicker - I was suprized by that and doing a bit of research online came across this info

"Besides its satiety-inducing protein, Men's Health's EIC Zincenko said he named kefir to his list of flat belly foods because its probiotics may speed weight loss. Research from the University of Tennessee has shown that consuming three to four servings of dairy products a day may help men and women shed more pounds than cutting out dairy (a common, but erroneous, weight loss tactic.) For the real 411 on kefir and weight loss, I weighed in with Jennifer Ventrelle MS, RD, a registered dietitian at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and owner of the private practice Weight No More:

There's been a lot in the media over the past few years about low-fat dairy and weight loss. Is it true? Can adding a few servings to your diet help with weight loss and if so, how?
There have been some studies that have shown to reduce belly fat in people who consumed 3 servings of low-fat dairy products daily. The effect was not found to be as great for those individuals who got calcium from supplemental sources. The thought is that when there is more dietary calcium in the cells, fat is more likely to be burned instead of stored."

Well it seemed to work and have some pretty clear great results for me - loving the kefir :) Been doing a bit of a clean this morning, bf helping out with his jobs of lawn and such -- we're a great team -- got a friend coming round for a big goodbye tonight and to help me move a massive fridge as mine has kicked the bucket... been a productive morning and it will be a nice farewell before my kayak buddy heads off to Perth to live - won't see much of him for awhile till I go up there to hand out on his sailboat sometime :) Will come online and post again around day 40 and report how I'm going... I got my period again - it's the 2nd time on this fast now, not much blood coming after a few days as tends to happen when fasting - I made myself my first teacup of broth yesterday when it got tough - getting my period while fasting always makes it a bit tough and once again, am very happy I didn't break the fast -- I've been strong on this fast and also it's just gone very well - I must be up for it at this time :) the broth was just a clear one with a bit of my homeade Tom Yum Paste which is just herbs all blended in the food processor - didn't eat much of the herbs, they just went to the bottom of the cup - might start up with a teacup of that now and then when I feel low salt or it's tough like that - feel past that tough thing today though and just really good again. Onwards ever onwards :)
Swastiastu for now


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