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2nd day after the fast. Falling down and getting back up.

Date:   11/25/2013 2:16:51 PM ( 10 y ago)

It's my birthday today!!! I'm 43!

Let me add a bit to yesterdays post. I had all good intentions to eat raw and mostly juice. Unfortunately, I didn't really have a good solid plan set up in my head and could have been more prepared. My husband wanted us all to have a family time at the beach. We weren't planning on being there all day. It was a 15 minute drive and intended to have a much needed break from all the electronic devices at home. Well, there was not time to do much prep since it was a spontaneous thing. We got to the beach and kids eventually wanted to snack. There was a vending machine and an endless amount of coins stashed in our car. Needless to say, I ended up having a sample taste of three different kids of chips. The one thing I didn't want to do was persecute myself. I prayed for guidance and forgiveness. I didn't want to have the guilt and shame push me into feeling like crap and eating more to make me feel better. When I got home I felt the effects of eating those snacks. I had bubbling mucus rising up from my stomach and out of my mouth. Not a lot like some crazy horror flick. Enough to spit it out once. That doesn't typically happen. The dull ache to my back has returned as well.

Yesterday was a strange day of emotions. From exhilaration in the start of the day to feelings of defeat, guilt, and shame. I am thankful with prayer I was able to shake off those feelings. I got that self talk going that it was all good.Let go of the past and I can just start from scratch this moment and follow the plan that I wanted.

I got back into reading to find some inspiration. I didn't want to fall into a deprivation/binge mistake. I decided to try to do some kind of fast (just one)for the next day to get myself back in the path I originally set out for. I wanted to find more books on intermittent fasting. I found a few. I got samples downloaded on my tablet. Don't be fooled by the title but I really really like this one most..."How To Lose 40 Pounds (or more) In 30 Days With Water Fasting" by Robert Dave Johnston. By the way, I don't know the man and I have no connection to him whatsoever. I'm not here to endorse anything but only to tell my story for your information. Well, I felt such honesty in the way he told his story. He was over 300 discovered how fasting changed his life. His words felt so genuine and honest. He seemed to truly want to share to help others. He also has another book on intermittent fasting. I loved his writing style. Speaks to my heart. Not only is it about fasting for your body but he addresses how it deals with your mind and spirit and how to deal with the pitfalls. He also gives you these modules you can get from his website for free. The links on my tablet reader took me straight to the site and easily downloaded them. The books were so cheap for Kindle price. These were the books I needed to help me get through my struggles when I'm in pre-fast, fast, and post-fast mode. It's like having another arsenal of motivation.

So, It's 12noon and have spent the whole morning in bed, reading, and communing with God. It's been emotional day. Some birthdays have that effect on you I guess. Cried and cried tears of joy. So much to be grateful for. I am so blessed. I had huge struggles to overcome in my life but God is faithful. It was all to teach me to love and have peace.

So grateful I have a wonderful family and a great supportive husband. We have been together 19 years and married 15. I have a life full of love.

On this my birthday, I truly and deeply wish you great blessings of health and abundance. Love, light, and peace
to you.



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