Giving It Another Shot...My 40th birthday project by ren .....

back to nature

Date:   10/21/2013 10:26:15 AM ( 9 y ago)

Day One- procrastination- putting in my student loan forebearances
Day Two- Appearance- whether to keep my hair or shave it off
Day Three- Control- wanting a coworker to take of her baby the way I would take of a baby if it was mine.
Day Four- Concentration- focusing on work tasks
Day Five- Purification- today washing and rolling my locks and cleaning the back porch and cleaning the kitchen

Every woman is a sacred woman but since I met Queen Afua and worked in a rasta health food store, I am using her books. Some sections I am not working on and some things don't apply to me. My husband is white and so I don't mind if I get speared with a pale pink penis every now and again :) and some of her afrocentric beliefs are probably empowering to many black Americans and that's cool. Black people have been watching and enjoying things by white people for years. No reason why others can't enjoy her books. There's my bit about race for now.


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