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Carpe diem

Date:   8/13/2013 3:32:26 AM ( 8 y ago)

I am going to do a water fast again.
I cant take this world anymore.

The fast starts on wednesday 14 of august.

I do everything wrong.
Just remember a few things:
1- Don't believe anything your brain says. Dont think you are going to hell. Dont think you are in hell. Dont believe in any religion. Dont believe the criticism. Dont believe the schizo thoughts.
2- Just go through the day. Carpe diem. If someone pisses you off, whatever, let it go, you are dead in a few hours anyway.
3- Don't be blasphemous. Try to thank god, karma, spirit, consciousness, whatever. Dont be negative. Negativity leads to more negativity. For some reason X leads to more X.
4- HOMEWORK: it's not because you are not in school anymore that you don't have any homework anymore. You have so much to do to keep the status quo. I also have to work on my path as if I am going to live forever.
Work all the time.

Carpe diem: I might die today. whatever... Still have plans for the future.

Live like you are going to die tom and live forever.
Is this an explanation for 200 year plans I heard about.
Is this an explanation for organized religion.
Does this explain the atomic bomb?
Aaaaaaaahhhi don't know. Whatever, Carpe diem

Sex: f*** it, just another shit I have to do.

Louis CK: women can choose to stop having sex in the middle of sex. Thats how much they dont give a f***. Carpe diem, whatever, live like you are gonna die.

Reality is so ugly.

People: You and I, you and I go deeper(return of the space cowboy). I still cant understand this.
For me it is: you are so ugly I just cant look at you.

When you are stuck in a rut, and cant do it anymore, stressed out : SMACK and CHEEBA for my soul. At the speed of cheeba~. Thats my secret

X leads to more X.
Power struggle between countries leads to more power struggle
Power struggle is violent which leads to the ultimate weapon. The atomic bomb.
Total destruction leads to rethinking, planning and preventive measures. Which lead to plans that exceed your lifetime. I guess.

In the end we are no different from animals trying to survive each day. But we are also able to fight now for the future. God why do I have to figure this out by myself?


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