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Water Fast Day #12

Date:   7/12/2013 10:58:46 PM ( 8 y ago)

Weird. I had thought I was posting every day, but seems like I can't find Day #10 or Day #11. Still learning how to navigate this site.

Today was a disaster. Every muscle aches. I saw my therapist today due to depression and a less than borderline melt-down. Too many stressors to list, but I did note to her that me taking control of food intake makes me feel in control and good at something many people aren't. Yeah, I know that sounds egocentric, but whatev.

I cried for the entire hour, so that's probably why I'm exhausted, not to mention the fact that I'm unable to shut off my thoughts that whirl around nonstop within the empty space between my ears.

I can feel my rib cage protruding again, just like before. And I like that feeling. My clothes are very baggy now. That's what I wanted. To be skinny again, and at 5' 5" tall, and 133 lbs, I'm still just average.

My legs are killing me today, and I had a severe headache all along my forehead. I've only had one or two very minor headaches early on in this fast, no muscle or other body aches since the beginning either. The only thing I can think of is that my therapist gave me something called "Propel Powder" to put in my water. I'm wondering if that broke my fast and my body is now starting over? Could that be it?

Either way, I'm exhausted today, after days of energy and mental clarity, and now those two things are long gone.

Maybe a good night's sleep will help, and tomorrow will be better. Weekends are tough, I've found, because during the week, my mind is occupied with work. Here at home lying in bed on the weekends, it seems like my thoughts spiral out of control.


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