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The need for healing the earth at the soil level and a way that most people can possibly participate and support this.

Date:   5/25/2013 6:32:39 AM ( 10 y ago)

Over the past 100 years the soil in the U.S. of A. has lost tremendous vitality from conventional farming practices. The need for healing the earth at the soil level has never been greater than it is right now!

"You can tell if your garden is good by digging a six-inch hole — if you don’t see any worms, then your soil is undernourished. Worm castings are nature’s all-in-one soil amendment and fertilizer. Compost that has been eaten and turned into worm poop has ten times the concentration of micro-ingredients and microbes. Typically, a bag of soil has little to no worm-casting content. ...":

When farmers in Europe first began noticing their soils loss of fertility they asked Rudolf Steiner to address the issue with them. The result of that was a lecture series in 1924 known as "The Agriculture Course". That lecture series launched the Biodynamic movement that was spread around the earth and subsequently was a major source of inspiration for the original Organic Agriculture in the u.s.of A. as of the 1940's.

However, the U.S. Federal standards for "organic agriculture" has compromised what originally was a potential for revitalizing the soils. Nevertheless, the Biodynamic method has been preserved and has its own standards that exceed that of the Federal organic standards. It is the Biodynamic method that I wish to support in several ways. One way is by building Biodynamic Compost!


June 26, 2013

I have compost that is beyond organic! This article will give you an introductory glimpse of what my compost is and what it's still evolving toward!:

See this article on "Artisanal compost" in Sunset.:

This is the only Biodynamic compost in a bag! It is probably the best bagged compost bar none!:

The Sunset article (linked above) says Malibu Compost "... plans to open regional farms ...". I just sent them a message saying I'm interested in their regional farm plans for San Diego. I'm really very interested in knowing just where their plans are now!

If you are in San Diego you can get a bucket-full of my hand crafted compost and donate to this new earth mission!


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