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Date:   5/22/2013 4:22:06 AM ( 10 y ago)

Time for some "Truth and Life" (after sharing what I have shared about "The Whey").

I had an "uh huh" moment on the significance (in my life right now) regarding the truth that my "parents created the 'person'" that I believed myself to be when they named me when I was born.(A Yahoo group that is devoted to this subject here:

Yesterday I sent correspondence to a brother on the East Coast (I'm on the West Coast) quoting the scripture in the gospels of the one who came to Jesus saying words to the effect that "your mother and brothers are asking for you". Jesus replied saying in effect "Who is my mother and who are my brothers but they who do the will of God!" I am having an experience of that truth in relation to my own "family of origin".

I received an obviously heated message from a "nephew" in reply to my declining an upcoming "family reunion". Christ in me can only do the will of God. I am not the "person" that this "family" thinks I am. I am willing to let that person die.

One of my great passions in life is real, truth-based communications. That kind of communication is life to me! For me to "crucify" the "person" whom I thought I was is a matter of ending those communications that are addressed to the person that others think I am. I actually began this "crucification" years ago when I stopped calling "Dojo" my mother. (Dojo is the email name she gave herself based on her and husband's names.) Now I am seeing that I can let go of the other identifications throughout the rest of the "family of origin".

I did not reply to the "heated message" mentioned above. I realized the message was not about who and what I Am but about a person that the sender thinks I am but even more so it is about that person who sent the message! I am not bound to be a respecter of "persons". I have the freedom to be silent and to not acknowledge certain attempts to communicate to a person that essentially does not live here anymore. What a freedom!

" ... stand fast therefore, (in the Liberty where with Christ has made you free) and be no more entangled with a yoke of bondage"!: Galatians 5:1


June 1, 2013 -

By Robert Clark, author of "The Christ Mind"

I was moved to write 'The Christ Mind' through FAITH in the belief that I was a 'branch' of the Vine! Through faith in the belief that ~ if I were a branch of the Vine ~ I could therefor have NO 'being' apart from or other than the Vine! Through faith in the belief that 'I and the Vine were One' ~ set in motion the growth of the 'Christ' in my consciousness! ( Gal.4-19) As it will in anyone else!

But ~ virtually every one on Earth believes they have being apart from God ~ from the Universal I AM! So whether they be in Government ~ Church business or 'in control of' any other administrative organization ~ their first priority is their 'self'! That ~ is 'human nature'! That is why we have the World we have today! That is why the 'self' must be crucified!

I initially entitled my writing 'Points of Light' ~ because my thoughts did not correlate with what the Church taught. To me ~ my thoughts were more relative to what was written in the Bible ~ but the elders of the Church thought otherwise ~ and refused to discuss the matter and THAT
WAS THAT! And through out these past 50 years no Minister I discussed this subject with ~ has ever met with me a second time! Because they could not and can not dispute the Biblical references I put before them!

In spite of what Jesus was quoted as saying in John 15@17 ~ they refuse to believe that we are all One ~ or that God is the reality of man! To them ~ I was taking what was written in the Bible too literally! In my opinion ~ after Jesus' ascension ~ had the 'Evangelical Churches' of the World included in their concept of the Spiritual Rebirth ~ the most essential requisite of all ~ that being the acceptance and acknowledgment of the Spirit of God ~ as being man's reality ( As I 'gleaned' from Matthew.10:20) ~ Christianity ~ would by now ~ have revolutionized Religious thought through out the World! No religion on Earth embodies such profound potential ~ as do the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth! rac

I responded:

I take great delight in your line: "Through faith in the belief that ~ if I were a branch of the Vine ~ I could therefor have NO 'being' apart from or other than the Vine!"

I just now DE CLAREd: "I Am a branch of the Vine"!
What a joy!

I'm now singing this!!!

Where I live is on a third of an acre with a couple dozen trees. I am slowly but surely connecting with these trees as I make compost here as their primary nourishing supplement. Doing this work is most fulfilling! I have also done some pruning. I recently pruned a branch by reaching up at a high level and after I made the cut the branch did not fall but was suspended by other branches! I was barely able to cut it and therefore it is beyond my reach. It continues to be suspended in the branches.

Since then, I have seen the branch every day through my office window, suspending among the other branches and I'd think I need a tall ladder to take that branch down.

However, now I am inspired to leave the branch there and whenever I give people "tours" here I intend to point out that branch and share the truth about who we are!


June 26th -

This is my core realization:

We're not the "person" that was created when it was named!

"Person" is a fiction, a mask (or a shield as with corporations) that can be used in fictional realms but not in truth. The truth of who we are was never created by being named. Since we are not the "person" that was created by our identification with that name then when the becomes "self evident" we have the Right not to identify with that at all! That is why I now say: "We're not the 'person' that was created when it (that person/fiction) was named!"

Crucify the person and free your self from the tyranny of person-hood!


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