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Date:   5/14/2013 6:36:07 AM ( 10 y ago)

November 20, 2018 -

All of my food, dietary, nutrition and (therefore) the whole spectrum orientation of "Chef-to-'Chef-doctor'" is based on all the "wise traditions" that have been gleaned from the extraordinary and well-documented findings of Dr. Weston A. Price and that are well-represented and presented by the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Traditionally whey has most always been consumed raw in all the various forms of raw dairy products. The raw state of whey includes all the enzymes naturally occurring in whey.

Many lacto-fermented foods use whey in support of the fermentation process. I wish I had virtually unlimited access to whey as I so love making many different kinds of lacto-fermented foods and drinks! In the meanwhile - I am on an evolutionary journey that began with a "living dream" and that has grown into an all-inclusive "High Ideal" that I have elaborated upon as a vital Vision I have called Cheeta. The whey is flowing most bountifully in Cheeta! Cheeta embodies: "The Whey, The Truth and The Life" for me!

(On or about) May 14, 2013 - (dating this on November 20, 2018 ) -

This is a very good time for me to start this blog as a continuation of my former blogs:
"Son of Truth of Self":

"Raw Milk: The Whole Truth":

Chef Jem by chef jem:

"Evolving Nutritional Awareness":

and "The U-n-I-Verse":

Which reminds me that I had inquired with Papa John about celebrating his birthday and asked what he would like. His reply was one word: "Simple"! Next thing I know a "relative" comes up with the idea of having a family reunion to celebrate his birthday and then broadcasts this to the whole family. Can I have a "show of hands" here as to how many readers think calling for a family reunion is a simple way to celebrate an elder patriarch's birthday? Here's the good part. Papa John's wife: Dojo informs me that I had let Papa John know about what was intended to be a surprise event for him. My reply: I will let people be responsible for their own communications (including the lack there of). So much for simple. Sorry Papa John! The world apparently doesn't know simple!

Farmer Vernon Hershberger needs your prayers. The final court proceedings begins next Monday and the subject: "Raw Milk" will not be allowed to be mentioned in the court room proceedings! (Did I read that correct?) Don't look to the judicial system for justice on this case as the true nature of that system has already begun revealing it's very ugly face. Vernon now needs divine intervention. If you don't think there is an once of the divine in you then you can still pray for him. He can use all the prayers!

If I were presented with a legal process claiming to require my appearance in a "court" I would reply with a verified, certified copy of the Declaration of Independence, The Articles of Confederation, the title page from the United States Code listing the four Organic Laws (the first two of which I just mentioned plus an affidavit of truth stating that I am a "free inhabitant" and as such I have all the Rights to living free of any governmental interference unless I have caused any injury to an individual and refused to take responsibility for the repairs. Show me the injured party in this controversy so I can be informed of the damages and make repairs.

Updates May 28, 2013 -

Farmer Vernon was acquitted on three of the four counts and most of the food freedom movement appears to be calling that a victory. But that conviction on the fourth count tells me that this jury was not "fully informed" and that lack was foreseen before the trial began! A sentencing hearing is to be scheduled for the conviction.

In my "Son of Truth of Self" (at the link above) I have talked about the "free inhabitant" status in the second Organic Law.[3]

This Organic Law has never expired and it was never replaced! Therefore your status as a free inhabitant is recoverable! This is the status of one with a sound mind. The 14th Amendment status of a United States citizen is a legal insanity unless you live in Washington DC or a territory under the exclusive legislative jurisdiction of Congress.

March 4, 2019 - A Harmonic Convergence of Raw ("The Whey" Included) Milk, "The Truth" of Self and What "The Life" Brings To Me Now!

Reply From A New LinkedIn Connection:
Hello, Chef Jemichel,

Thank you for reaching out to me and for your support of Three Stone Hearth's mission over the years. Glad to see that our work is so aligned!

I watched part of your video on raw milk. I remember meeting Mark McAfee at Bioneers when I helped Jessica Prentice with the Weston A. Price booth there (before we started TSH)[1]. I had been in the food business for several years but that was when I first started consciously learning about the benefits of raw milk (and traditional foods). I was lucky enough to have it growing up for many years before it was banned.[2]

I recently left TSH and I am now trying to figure out what I want to do next. I miss all the delicious, nourishing foods at TSH that I was fortunate to have every day but now I've gotten back to cooking myself, which I love! Just made a large crock of sauerkraut yesterday.

Interestingly, just last week, a friend brought up Human Design in conversation. I had heard about it several years ago from another friend. I may have even done an evaluation but I can't seem to find any information in my files. I would love to accept your invitation to learn more about it whenever it's convenient for you.

Keep up the good work!

Misa Koketsu


[1] Three Stone Hearth

[2] Fortunately now raw mil is legal in forty-three of the fifty American states.
"States where raw milk is still not available either for sale, by cowshare or herdshare, or as pet milk include Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.":



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