Day 2 by jojogoflush .....

Day 2, tired but feeling good, tempting apple...

Date:   4/19/2013 5:47:42 PM ( 8 y ago)

Woke up feeling great, made breakfast for the kids, no problem. I cut an apple for my 4 years old around noon, it was tempting to take a bite, I almost lick it but think about my ketosis is going to kick off tomorrow helped me to get through. I sipped water and washed down the hunger pain.

Felt tired in the morning, took couple naps, start to notice the water taste sweet and stuff coated in my mouth, I brushed my teeth, tongue, the top of my mouth have a little film forming, I tried to use cotton to wipe it off. my thoughts is clear, as I was looking at the calendar, realized my birthday is coming up next month, if I am able to keep fasting till then it will be 34 days, then I can break my fast with watermelon.... that will be great way to celebrate my birthday.

It's 4 pm now, going out with the kids for our movie night soon. Hope I will stay strong stick to the plan.


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