Monday, 3/25, Day ONE food-sober. But not yet fasting: WHY? by lauray .....

trying to figure out why I lose fasts. I get miserable and eat. I need to UNDERSTAND THE MISERY DEEPLY AND RESOLVE IT

Date:   3/25/2013 2:39:29 PM ( 9 y ago)

this post is supposed to be an analysis of why I fell off my fast last night and just before midnight ate 1900 calories' worth of processed fude.

I had lost a fast after 54 and 1/4 hours and decided , well, i will jsut fast again. 60 hours this time.

What made me lose my first fast?

shying away from this question

I want to narrate my whole recent story of day counts and trying to get into fasting

Right now going to figure out my exact calories ingested the past few days and write it in my fude notebook, it's just been noted in my regular notebook (agenda and to do lists)


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