Day 4 and enjoying seeing the weight go down :) by #114598 .....

Day 4: 102.2 kg that's 7lb lost in 4 days :)

Date:   1/10/2013 4:14:36 AM ( 10 y ago)

Can't believe this is actually working and what's more, I'm actually sticking to it!! 102.2kg this morning. Approx 225lb so that's a grand total of 7lbs lost in just 4 days :) :) I have to stick to this now!! 10am UK time and I'm not even hungry. Feeling tired still though so not experiencing this euphoria some others have documented. Also have terrible acid reflux-both of which are totally worth it for the weight loss though.

Quick question-my dentist prescribed me some high fluoride you think it's ok to use it during this fast? I haven't so far but really think I should. Although I know it won't make this a pure water only fast, I'll still be reaping the weight loss benefits?!!


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