Day 39/5 Short Intermission and Return by exposure .....

Fast Intermission and Renewal, Kitchari rememberance

Date:   11/24/2012 2:26:32 PM ( 9 y ago)

Back again, been too busy to make an entry - such is the life of the aspiring musician :)
Well, as I started to run down so badly in energy and experience desire for food again for a number of days deep into the fast, at day 29 I again took a small snack - and went on having a small daily meal for the next 5 days. Mostly ate sushi rolls once a day - only wanted simple foods, rice, tuna a bit of avocado seemed the best thing generally, did eat a larger meal on the last day before returning to the fast completely.

Now am on day 5 of the fast - and going well - trucking along again with renewed energy and feeling much as I did earlier into the first few weeks - good, better energy levels - back to yoga, getting lots done and have noticed a big drop in how long I need to sleep surging up in me.

Today my tongue was not so white - aided by wearing some detox foot patches overnight (awesome things) - woke after using them feeling so clear and awake and good, none of the heady swimming groggy feeling that often accompanies me deep into a fast. It's early for me - got up at 6am, clear as a bell, went for a little walk with many birds and the gentle early light - now going to do some yoga. Been wanting to update this logbook for a number of days but have been busy - This is a new thing for me, breaking a fast deep into it for that many days and going back on it - in reflection, now that I a back on it - it seemed a good thing at this time as my energy is back and I'm feeling totally renewed. It did take a little extra effort to go back to it - luckily I had 5 days alone in which to do so, and in that space did manage much more easily than I might have being around my partner, friends - sometimes it's just good to have some time to yourself to simplify and go inwards and be in an undistracted space without other energies - especially trying to start a fast... The space made it easy and I didn't need the 5 days in the end, just the first 2 - by day 3 of the renewed fast I was back to feeling like I was deep on one again - the heightened clarity, mental openness, quieting of thoughts, clear energy - etc. That flying feeling.
Not really setting a number now, going to just take it day by day, week by week - I did want to do 60 days, so might keep going till then, was reading a book on Kundalini Yoga, which I've been practicing as my main Yoga for some time now and it reminded me of wonderful Kitchari - the aryuvedic balancing food - I have eaten it before at the end of fasting and also when getting energetically low and not feeling my best and 5 days on this medicinal food does wonders for a body. I think I'll break my fast next time on that and go on a bit of an extended kitchari simple diet for a few weeks when ending it all. It's something you don't want to eat out of desire or overeat, just a very neutral plain kind of dish - nourishing and satisfying and very gentle to break a fast on and balance all the doshas.
Had forgotten about Kitchari! Great what comes to you when you need to be reminded :)
More soon, time for yoga and a million other things



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