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Day 5 and 6 of UT

Date:   11/8/2012 5:31:22 PM ( 9 y ago)

Guys bible study was great Tuesday night. We did more worship then anything. Prayer and worship that was needed. I have been asking God to take away any unforgiveness I may have. But I do have my episodes at times and start thinking about the butthole that gave me herpes. It's been four years since I have talked to him but I slipped up and txt him to tell him that I was gonna expose him and sue him for knowingly giving me herpes. I know I was wrong because I shouldn't have had unprotected sex with him. But I can recall that idiot telling me that what now I know as an ob, he called a birthmark, I was such a dummy. I'm still on my cycle, my appetite is still going strong. And I'm having regular easy bowel movements. I told my mom ystday that I was doing UT, she thought I was gross. She don't know about the HSV, I told her I was doing it for the diverticulosis, and loss of appetite. I told her since I have done it I am no longer constipated, I dont have any menstrual cramps, my appetite is back, and my sinuses are clear. I cannot wait to get started again after my cycle. Talk to you guys soon and May God be the glory.


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