Day 8 of Juice Cleanse by Greenstar .....

Moving into week 2 of fresh juice cleanse!

Date:   8/11/2012 2:22:22 PM ( 10 y ago)

Yay, so we are officially on Week 2!

Today for lunch we made a raw version of V-8 juice:

1 purple heirloom tomato
1/2 pint cherry tomatoes
5 celery stalks
1/2 leek
a handful of arugula
a few spears of kale
1 large cucumber
1 small beet
2 inch piece of daikon raddish
1/4 inch slice of lemon with peel
2 types of red hot peppers

To the juice we added a bit of Himalayan salt (pink), curry powder, fresh ground black pepper and cayenne pepper. Hurray!

This morning Juicy Queen weighed 12 lbs less, Greenstar doesn't want to weigh herself but her clothes seem looser and more comfortable. Greenstar is on Day 1 of anti-viral cleanse.

We also had a glass of water with 1 heaping teaspoon of chia seed powder with green powder and raw protein. Last night we drank smooth move chocolate tea which is a bit harsh but we felt we needed the movement but we are thinking we need to use the enema.

Greenstar took a bath with one box of sea salt and a few drops of an essential oil mix. Felt rejuvenated and refreshed and shed a nice layer of skin with brushing.


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