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My 17 Day water fast for health cleanse and weight loss

Date:   8/11/2012 12:59:28 AM ( 9 y ago)

I kind of got kicked off here haha. Anyway, this is the continuation of my water fast. I am now on Day 10 of the water fast. Alot has happened. I had blogged on here up to Day 5, and then I got a really nasty infection and ended up on an IV for three days as an outpatient. This was completely unrelated to my fast. So now, on day 10, I have gone through some ups and downs but overall I am feeling good. The hunger went away completely on day 4, and I felt energetic. My tongue is really horrible though...chalky, white and smelly lol. But overall I am feeling good. The last three days I was getting cramps in my legs so I went for a 3.5 mile jog for the last three days.. Some would think I am crazy but it made me feel better. I am working through this fast too so that is challenging. When I go to work I pack lots of water and just stay focussed. If I get up too fast lately I get really dizzy so I get up slow, but I am good.

Ok so starting weight on day 1 was 265 pounds
After ten days of fasting my weight today is 246.
weight loss is 19 pounds in 10 days!!

Its pretty dramatic


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