Day 3 water fast by rainbowdreamer .....

20 day fast That has now become 18 days due to business travel

Date:   7/31/2012 5:58:17 PM ( 11 y ago)

Well today is day three and I feel pretty good. The weakness I felt yesterday is gone. I actually went for a run last night for 3.5 miles and again this morning. It felt great. I've decided to listen to my body and If i feel hyper I still will exercise while fasting.

Todays weight is 258
Start weight 264
Total loss 7 pounds

I was kind of shocked at that significant weight loss but I do know a lot is water. I feel positive about this choice to fast. However I now have to travel soon so I will be ending the fast on day 18 so that I have three days to come out of it before I go. Then I'll do this again for a longer time period down the road.

Ok thanks for listening


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