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In New York City, you can be the talk of the town at any given moment.

Date:   7/20/2012 2:47:10 AM ( 10 y ago)

In New York City, you can be the talk of the town at any given moment. Then, with the blink of an eye, your 15 minutes of hype and fame has dwindled to nonexistence. One day it's Jay-Z, the next it's Carmelo Anthony, then Jeremy Lin. Now, the modernistic flavor is recently acquired Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, who was traded to New York from the Denver Broncos a few months ago. Tao of Badass

Tebow, will back up current Jets starting quarterback Mark Sanchez, whose humdrum and fickle play last season sent the Jets on a three-game losing streak in December, causing the team to miss a shot at going to the playoffs. Text The Romance Back

For Tebow, his season with the Denver Broncos last year inaugurated with a quarterback contention between himself and then Broncos starter Kyle Orton, until the Broncos horrible 1-4 record, at which point caused Orton to lose the fortitude of the organization. The results would be the Broncos putting Kyle Orton on waivers and making Tebow their starting quarterback. Pregnancy Miracle

After being named the starter, Tebow led Denver to a 7-4 record and a appearance in the playoffs which featured an overtime victory thriller against the Pittsburgh Steelers , by way of Tebow linking up with Demaryius Thomas on a 80-yard touchdown pass to take the overtime win. Unfortunately the following week the Broncos would be defeated by the New England Patriots, sending the Broncos home and out of the playoffs. Text Your Ex Back

Fast forwarding to Jets headquarters on March 26, Tim Tebow has just completed a press conference, announcing his arrival to the Big Apple. The New York City media is known for being a completely contradistinctive beast, where the nay-sayers and haters, along with your typical Jets fan will either be for or against the recent transaction. Tinnitus Miracle

All in all, New York Jets fans may think that they don't need a quarterback like Tim Tebow to back up Sanchez. But let us take a look at reality. Tebow brings so many political positives to the Jets offense that could help push the franchise to the next level. He's a change of pace for a sputtering offense like the Jets, he's mobile, a fighter, a vocal leader and will except any challenge that lies in his path. So, all you doubters, please ...... doubt away. Magic of Making Up

With that being said, I personally look forward to that autumn Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium this coming season as Jets fans chant the name TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW. Because it's coming to a theater near you. Magnetic Messaging


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