Are our Livers Brominated? by Newport .....

Are our Livers Brominated?

Date:   7/1/2012 2:31:00 PM ( 10 y ago)

  • Are our Livers Brominated?   RRR by  Newport  5 year  1,666  Iodine Supplementati
    So yesterday I decided to do my first liver flush. I had been reticent in the past about this since I have done quiet a few coffee enemas in the past and couldn’t imagine how my liver could still retain stones.

    When I first started with Iodine I had a rush of small gallstones, more like sand, come out and plug up my bile duct. The SCIO machine was handy and I had a treatment once a week for 3 weeks until this was over.

    But lately I have been getting larger ones stuck, and sometimes that left me with jaundice and poor digestion due to its influence on the pancreas. So I decided to add Malic Acid a couple of times a week to help out and that went fine for a while but Malic Acid is very reactive and not great on my stomach so I switched to Magnesium Malate which is fully reacted and can be taken with food.

    Anyhow, this appears to have shrunk a few more stones causing almost daily passing of stones. So to bypass this daily “excitement” I finally decided to do a Liver Flush ala Hulda Clark .

    So the next morning I get this collection of green balls that are supposed to be stones… Sure doesn’t look like any stones I ever saw, and I passed a few here and there. So I did a bit of research and found that most multiple “flushers” report less green stones and more regular stones as their flush numbers increased.

    Add to that the wombat report on Panchkarma and my Bromine headache which required 1 full tsp of salt and I am wonder if we need to add the Liver to the list of brominated organs, which would make some of those green thingies brominated OO.

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