Yeast Infection A Journey to treatment by christinerose .....

I am Christine trying to treat my yeast infection in a natural way.

Date:   6/7/2012 3:00:26 PM ( 11 y ago)

Hello ladies,
I am Christine and suffer from yeast infection. I want to keep a blog of my progress because it will help me motivated. I have yeast infection for over 9 months and I have tried all the medicaments that exist out there. I started a diet based treatment found online ( won`t post any link ) and would like to talk with you ladies anything related.
I first put the treatment on a paper:
-Diet ( change the food I eat )
-list of harmful foods.
-list of friendly or healing food.
-Developing the Immune system.
-Liver purification
-Internal cleaning

I must admit I started this 5 days ago. Days in which I organized the food that I afford to buy and the food I will try to avoid from now.
I feel better because of the more natural food that I have eaten in this 5 days.
I am optimistic. Please share your thoughts.


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