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Date:   5/16/2012 6:08:54 PM ( 9 y ago)


Normal energy for the most part today, a little wobbly when I get out of bed but not lightheaded. Took advantage and did some cleaning before I get tired again.


Having some dark liquid bowel movements.


The bulge I have on my left upper abdominal is showing more, I think because as I am losing weight it just is. I looked back at pictures of my when I weighed 245 lbs and it was there but hardly noticeable.  It does scare me, cause I don't know what it is, but motivates me to keep with the fast to heal whatever it could be. Hopefully.

I included a picture, it doesn't show up as much on camera, it also sticks out more when I sit down.


I have plans now to fast 21 days then juice and eat lightly a couple of weeks, then do another 21 day fast.




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