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Date:   4/16/2012 12:44:40 PM ( 9 y ago)

I don't want to blog...I feel so lazy these days, understandably. I've made it through my first 24 hours without eating and only drinking water. I've done my 60 minutes of cardio during lunch (which will be taking place on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday while in the army) I've found certain paths which I'm comfortable to walk through but not enough to listen to music, as soldiers around the area talk to me and ask me questions.

I've started to create a routine for myself which helps push me through fasting. But, two of my friends are starting to notice me not showing up to the cafeterria and skipping meals. I made the excuse that I've been eating small things through out the day and feel sick eating at the cafeteria. Oh well, I'm too dedicated to give a shit, to be honest.

I had a mishap on the first 12 hours of my fast.. I caved in and bought a bagel with garlic cream cheese spread, onion, peppers and corn and warm fresh baked cookies from the bus station in Jerusalem. After consuming the food I promised I would water fast for the remainder of the day, which I successfully did and from 4 pm yesterday until today's 4 pm became one full day of fasting. Now I'm starting the second. I don't feel like putting more into this entry as I'm feeling so damn lazy. There's a small party for the sports instructer who's leaving the army tomorrow so were gonna have an hour of fitness and sport...

Update more tomorrow.


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