Reunion by Deborah Lockett .....

If there's someone you miss someone in Heaven, or thousands of miles away on Earth here's a little piece you can read that will set your love flowing to them, and make you feel happy and comfortable. They in turn will be nourished by your love. If you read it at bed-time, your love will give you a wonderful sleep and the feeling of warmth will carry over to the next day. The character in this piece is a little boy, but you can put your own special person in his place. The "me" in this piece, is you!

Date:   3/18/2012 9:19:19 AM ( 9 y ago)

When the earth laughs, water and air bubble up from inside her. The water is warm and comforting. She is always laughing, because the bubbling is continuous. She loves to laugh. On my skin too, there are places where water and air bubble up from within me, creating a warm lagoon of pure energized water. I love to lie in this water and feel it pamper my skin. It makes my body feel weightless. A family of swans swim up to my head and snuggle under it as my pillow to keep my head comfortably out of the water. I can feel the soft warmth of their bodies lulling me to sleep.

As I close my eyes, many people come and walk across a little video screen inside my closed eyelids. They turn their heads towards me, smiling and waving. Each one of them did something kind for me as I was growing up. Some of them helped me with my education, others helped me find work. My heart opens and streams of joy come from it like from a fountain with many jets as I remember what each one did for me. The waters flowing from my heart are warm and comforting. I smile and wave back to these wonderful people. Some of them wink at me as if to say, it was such a pleasure to help you.

Next comes the person I love most in this life. He's a small figure effortlessly gliding across my field of vision on his skate board. Suddenly tears of love start to flow from my eyes and my vision grows misty. The mist surrounds the little figure in a huge pink cloud of deepest love, and the path where he has skated is strewn with rose petals from white to yellow to blush pink. He suddenly turns his head towards me and flashes me a beaming smile. Then he goes happily on his way. I feel as though I've been softly touched by the hand of God.

Now the heavens open and I can hear a band of angels playing and singing the 1960's song Everlasting Love. The sound waves go through me without resistance, and every particle of my body tingles happily and starts to hoop with delight. It joins hands with the particle next to it in my body and they swing each other round. Before they get dizzy they turn and go the other way. Eventually they flop down still holding onto one another amidst peals of laughter.

Shafts of light beam down upon me through the clouds in all my favourite colours: many shades of gold, silver, soft white, magnolia, and the turquoise of the ocean with shiny dolphins leaping from it in the warm sunlight. I ask the pod of dolphins to help me to realize my dearest wish at this time. They splash the water with their flippers so that it sprays fine droplets in all the colours of the rainbow, and they nod their heads towards me in a gesture of assent. They make a series of little clicks which carry to my ears and are audible to me over the shush-shush of the breaking waves, then the sound of little pebbles scampering over the ocean bed as the waves recede.

As I breathe in the tiny particles of ocean moisture warmed by the sun, the little figure I saw earlier comes running towards me along the water's edge, with a half-grown unicorn trotting alongside him, hooves splashing in the white surf. As they advance they exchange a glance, their eyes flashing with merriment.

The little boy sees me and runs straight into my waiting arms. The universe stops breathing for a heartbeat as it absorbs the joy of our reunion.


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