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Trying to isolate most effective conditions within electrically assisted healing devices.

Date:   12/13/2011 10:52:31 AM ( 11 y ago)

I have since noticing that lower current seemed to be benificial in my tests and have altered my setup to explore that condition. A piece of bamboo replaced the tesla coil in between ignition coil and handhold and a battery pack was made at 7.4 volts dropped from 12.7. I have decided that I would test this for extend periods up to an hour. Previously exposure was 5-7 min. The power levels seem so low now though I feel it would be safe to test for longer exposure times. That and I wanted to see what effect placement on the arteries as in the Bob Beck protolcol might have. People often have longer exposures with that method. From the bamboo I have attached via a wire with electrical tape the graphite handhold. I decided to use bamboo because I noticed in the past that when connected directly to a high voltage it seemed to charge and emit the static field but dropped current way down. Of course moisture level would alter that. Many materials would probably work well for this but bamboo is it for now. Perhaps if I like results I will try something else. Paper had similar effects as observed in previous experiments. After about a week of testing I will say still seems to be working well and yesterday I attempted the long exposure time. Felt quite tired after and my body temperature which usually runs low 97.- got close to 98.6. I tested with a digital thermometer after I felt a temperature increase. Almost felt like a fever but I never got sick or higher than slightly below normal. Emotionally I felt a strong apathy not sure if that is good but it was also very calming.


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