Successful Bipolar Treatments and Not so Successful Treatments by millions now living .....

Two months since I embarked on my journey of treating my bipolar without pharmaceuticals. What have I learned? What is working for me and what is not working?

Date:   12/2/2011 2:24:43 AM ( 10 y ago)

A procrastinating inertia replaced the inital excitement I had after researching how to treat bipolar without pharmaceuticals. This was a definite manic episode that consumed me, thrilled me and then exhausted me. It's taken the past two months to actually use The Things That Are Working. For every one habit I implement, it seems, that another good habit is edged out. For instance, taking amino acids on an empty stomach, ideally, should have been added to my habit of taking B12 and probiotics in the morning, but instead has replaced them. Baby steps.

Here is what has been working and what has not been working.

Things that are working:

  1. Psychiatrist in her earnest pleas to get me to start anti-psychotics, convinced me that the side-effects of stopping bupropion cold-turkey would be nothing. She was right! 450mg – max dose and all I noticed was a fleeting dizziness that lasted for two weeks. I`m pharma-free!!

  2. Psychiatrist sending in my diagnosis to the federal government. One more hurdle cleared toward economic relief!

  3. Amino acids first thing in the morning. L-tryptophan, L-glutamine, L-tyrosine, L-taurine along with copper and Vit B6. Has alleviated my depression. Like having a good cuppa joe.

  4. Chiropractic treatment based upon neural testing (ie comparing the right side to the left side in strength, resistance and reflexes indicates where problems in your nervous system originate) This has released anxiety tension that has accumulated over months/years and resulted in regular muscle spasms and ER visits not to mention heavy narcotic prescriptions.

  5. Sacral cranial manipulation (same chiropractor) has relieved tension in jaw/neck that contributes to migraines and sinus problems.

  6. Coffee enemas, with B complex, sea minerals & epsom salts lift my mood incredibly. I literally experience waves of gratitude and love that are noticably absent for days/weeks at a stretch.  This besides the primary benefit, an unburdened liver.

  7. Epsom salt baths. Lifts mood and relieves tension. Daily, this works for me.

  8. Blogging has been very motivational for me. Though I`ve not contributed for almost two months, I think about what I would write about this treatment or that. I won`t give up, when I do write, it`s very cathartic;

  9. Oil pulling when I came down with a sinus infection this relieved the pain in my teeth and, I believe, temporarily slowed the virus. Raw, organic (hard at room temperature) coconut oil.

  10. Manuka honey sinus rinse is so much sweeter and gentler than the usual salt nasal rinse I prepare and use with a Neti pot. The honey kills fungus and really loosens sinus congestion.

  11. Lugol's iodine applied topically has cleared up the acne on my chest. Took a month but it has cleared up a stubborn problem that I've had for months now.

Things That Are Not Working:

  1. Lugol's iodine applied to facial skin. Although this stops active deep tissue cysts immediately and speeds healing of tissue, using it for more than one day results in unsightly and persistent drying and peeling of my face. It stings and does not work for me.

  2. Strict expectation of regularly keeping a blog does not work for me.

  3. Psychiatric treatment is anathema to my person. A necessary evil when pursuing a disability pension. Four anti-psychotics and counting (unopened samples in my cupboard). It`s not right for me to even sit in her chair and pretend like I`m swallowing her racket (literally). I should have chosen a psychologist to sign the federal forms, but I believed that this was not covered by my medical.

  4. Amino acids lift my depression in the morning but have resulted in rapid cycling and mixed moods. I need to explore the calming amino acids (L-taurine, L-theanine, ???) and tweak doses.

  5. Independently researching and implementing a supplement regimen is not completely working for me. Next week I'm seeking the professional opinion of a naturopath.

  6. Juicing is fabulous, but doing it is a mental hurdle that has got to be overcome. The way I'm viewing it now is not working for me. Aargh.

  7. Exercise – obviously absolutely necessary for my treatment. But not working for me because I'm not doing it. Aargh!!

  8. Prayer and meditation – again, same as the above. Except, more important for me than the above two things put together. Darn my unquiet mind! Aargh!!!


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