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Electricities unseen properties

Date:   11/22/2011 1:38:38 PM ( 10 y ago)

I generally try to relate my workings with electricity with behaviors of materials that match it's characteristics. While thinking of how the sharp fall time of the wave form might be the most critical aspect of the observed health benefiting phenomenon I began to wonder if perhaps the rise time of the wave should be cuved off to help feed the shockwave created by the abrupt stopping of the pulse. When thinking of how I might achieve this I thought of using a capacitors charge time as a way to curve it off. Now where to put it to achieve this. In parallel with the secondary of the tesla mabye. But then how to make sure the the time it takes to charge the capacitor matched the pulse duration. Upon thinking of that I realized I was thinking of resonance and a possible mechanism for it's voltage gain properties. Sloped rise time abrupt fall time may have some secrets to electrical phenomenon are very worthy of investigation. That will be my next step.


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