Hormones, Mania and Lugol's Iodine by millions now living .....

Lugol's iodine helped me with endometriosis and imbalanced hormones that wreak havoc on emotions, especially when effected by PMS, mania, or depression.

Date:   10/17/2011 4:23:48 PM ( 10 y ago)

The source of my recent erratic thinking and behavior became obvious on Saturday AM when I began my menses.  I know, I know, this date should have been red-lettered on my calendar.  November 12, the first day of my next cycle is now circled and posted for the sake of my sanity and for the love of my long-suffering husband.

Balanced hormones mean balanced emotions.  Last week, in the midst of an intense mania, I worried about my poor adrenals pumping out all that cortisol. Racing thoughts, heart pounding anxiety and boughts of intense emotional pain followed hours later by exquisite euphoria.  Several marathon phone calls with patient friends left me fearing that I am imposing on them and wishing I could just stop myself from talking, thinking, feeling.  Stimulation overload.  Not really knowing where to turn, I finally opened my cupboard of herbal remedies, vitamins and minerals that was my daily routine earlier this year, I picked out the iodine.  2 drops of the Lugol's 5% solution and I noticed a difference the next day.  I had begun so many remedies and protocols in such a short period of time earlier this year that I couldn't know that it was the iodine that was largely responsible for correcting my hormonal imbalance.  Researching Lugol's iodine here on CureZone, I'm convinced that supporting my thyroid in this way will result in a calm energy and mild emotions - sustained for days, even weeks. 

The monthly dread of endometriosis is as certain for me as a low tide is on a full moon.  Only two months of the past decade have been free of this excruciating pain.  Once, I thought I'd found the cure after having only one acupuncture session!  Alas, it lasted only that month and although, I continued with the treatment, acupuncture only lessened the pain slightly.  This past April, after taking Lugol's, selenium and zinc for the previous three months (along with a host of other remedies, cleanses and supplements) I enjoyed a month with only mild cramping that I was able to relieve with a hot water bottle and a warm enema (coffee, B vitamins, sea minerals, and epsom salts).  Waking at 3:30 this morning to sharp abdominal cramps and lower back ache didn`t leave me much choice but to resort to strong over the counter anti-inflammatories.  By 10 am this morning I was exhuasted, grumpy and a sobbing mess when we had to reschedule the plans we`d made months ago.  Addressing endometriosis will be in the forefront of my mind as I put into practice the things I`ve learned about hormones, mania, and Lugol`s iodine.



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