Making This Manic Episode Count by millions now living .....

Bipolar syndrome means my habits will be inconsistent. Manic episodes create focused mental energy that I sorely do not want to go to waste. I aim to cleanse mind and body during this 3 month phase.

Date:   10/13/2011 5:46:47 PM ( 10 y ago)

The first 3 months of this year were the furthest I ever came to doing a liver flush. My bio-feedback therapist guided me weekly over 4 months at the end of which I accomplished my long-anticipated, first gall bladder liver/ flush. 2 days later, following a coffee enema, I passed a jumbled ball of a worm the size of my fist in a mass that resembled spaghetti noodles. Aha! Perhaps this is why I passed barely a half dozen `stones` with my liver flush. I assume that my liver is seriously compromised and I`m just now newly determined to continue with cleansing.

Since my husband and I moved in May, I`ve experienced a load of stress marked by a 3 month dark, scary depression followed by a recent manic phase which more aptly could be called a `mixed mood` phase in bipolar-speak.

Some ailments I aim to address, minimize, manage or, hopefully, eliminate over the next few months:

painful & ugly cysts and acne on my neck, jawline, between my breasts and a few other choice areas;
addiction to alcohol and sugar;
anxiety, depression, swift mood changes, racing thoughts;
migraines, headaches, neck, shoulder and jaw tension;
back spasms, knots, continual stiffness and inflexibility;
repetitive strain injury in elbow (tennis elbow/bursitis);
parasites and candida;
poor memory, mental fogginess, inability to focus;
lowered libido;
weight gain and motivation to exercise;
thyroid health, hormone imbalance;
endometriosis, PMS;
halitosis, tonsil stones (tonsilloliths);
fungal growth/infection of sinuses, mouth, ears and nose;

Some remedies I plan to implement:
Oil pulling;
Parasite/Canadida cleanse;
Daily exercise;
Iodine & desicated thyroid;
Coffee enemas;
Liver/Gallbladder flush;
organic raw vegetarian diet;
Nasal lavage/irrigation with neti pot and saline solution;
Cod Liver Oil; borage oil; sesame oil; coconut oil;
Bentonite clay cleanse, toxins cleanse(Brain in particular);
Tetrahydrolsoqulnoline or THIQ cleanse (alcoholic disease)
Mindful meditation and lots of prayer.

So, I embark on yet another foray into this world of so-called 'alternative' medicine.

Gotta make these manic episodes count for something

I welcome any counsel, comments, over-share... :)


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