Day 4 by 40 Year Old Juicer .....

Day 4

Date:   10/6/2011 7:18:12 AM ( 10 y ago)

Ok, this morning I am definately not bright eyed an bushy tailed like I was yesterday. I did not lose any more weight, so I am still at 9 pounds. I feel totally different. Totally different than any other day of this fast so far. Not bad, not great, really hard to explain. I feel like my body has switched gears today, like I was cruising at 70 yesterday, today I'm in a school zone. I wonder if my body has finally quit buring off the crap that I had still in me, and switched over to fat reserves? This might sound gross, but my urine even smelled weird this morning, so I think that that switch from carbohydrate energy to fat energy has happened. I'm only a little bit hungry, mostly thirsty this morning. Time to go and see what the day brings.


6:30 at night now. I am wondering how yesterday could have been so great, and today so tough. I almost feel like I did on day 2 again. All I can think about is how much I want normal food, and how much I do not want to drink veggie juice. I just feel like drinking water, the thought of veggie juice grosses me out, but I'll power through some because I know I need the nutrients. I think the fact that I didn't lose any weight last night is weighing heavy on me too. When there is no weight loss, it just makes me think, why am I doing this. I just hope I have more positive results tomorrow to keep me motivated.


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