a miracle out of the blue by Deborah Lockett .....

The amazing thing about this miracle is that although I needed it very badly, I did not pray for it, I did not even ask for it, and it was so unexpected that it took me completely by surprise. The miracle was also highly significant because on that day, my closeness to my spirit helpers, whom I discuss my hopes and unanswered questions with, was greatly strengthened.

Date:   9/9/2011 2:51:51 PM ( 10 y ago)

It was a mild day in August, I had just come to the end of three days dealing with important and urgent matters and I celebrated this by having a short sleep in the afternoon to recuperate a little.
When I woke up I heard the cuckoo clock downstairs strike four. Since I had already dealt with everything that needed it, I planned to visit the doctor's surgery to learn the test result on a vaginal swab sample I had had taken the previous Friday, and to be prescribed medications now that the doctor would have received the result of the test.
It was Friday afternoon and I knew I must make the effort to cycle into Penygroes that afternoon so that I could begin to treat myself before the weekend. But as I lay there I wanted only to curl up in a little hole and die. I felt that as a semi invalid, I was hanging onto life by the finest of silken threads.
I then had about an hour's discussion with my spirit doorkeepers, feeling it was important to share my situation with them the better to understand one another. I insisted that they fetch their spirit bicycles and ride with me, one in front of me and one behind, to Penygroes and back. I promised them the best bike ride they had ever had.
So off we set. When I got through the entrance door of the surgery it was twenty past six. When I asked to see doctor, the receptionist gently pointed out to me that surgery hours finish at six. I was so full of disappointment that I began to cry and tell her I was in pain and had come there on my bike. But I soon reined in my emotions because I realized how unfair it was to offload my own chagrin onto her, especially as obviously she had to deal with sick people all day.
I then enquired about the results of my test and after checking, she told me they had not yet come through. The swab had been taken by a doctor at a nearby surgery in the village because the doctor at my own surgery had been on holiday the previous Friday. So I then made my way to that other surgery to enquire about the results.
The receptionist there could not find any results for me either, but offered to chase them up the following Monday. However, I must have looked tearful, because she then invited me to take a seat, and got on the phone to chase up the results then and there.
As I sat in the empty waiting room I asked myself, "Why is the Universe conspiring against me? Why is it ganging up on me to thwart my efforts to get medications before the weekend?"
However, soon the receptionist called me over to her and gave me the good news that they had now found my results at my own surgery. So back I went. That was when the miracle happened. The door of the doctor's room down the corridor opened like a gate into heaven, and the receptionist indicated to me to go in to see doctor.
A smiling doctor looked up my results on his computer screen, told me it had turned out to be nothing serious (just vaginal thrush), and gave me the necessary prescription.
When I went to the receptionist to have my prescription dispensed I would have liked to ask her why doctor had seen me even though his surgery hours were considerably over, but I thought it better not to detain her at that late hour with a question, and just to graciously accept that I had been on the receiving end of a miracle.
As I was cycling home, now smiling and with the medication dispensed by the surgery receptionist tucked into my backpack, I scanned the sky in front of me. Amongst the mid-grey clouds I spotted a little patch of blue sky. As I looked it seemed to form itself into the shape of an eye. And then the eye seemed to wink at me, as if to say, "Yes Deborah, your miracle came from right here, out of the blue".


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