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Oops......well I guess I learned my lesson

Date:   7/25/2011 6:50:50 PM ( 11 y ago)

So unfortunately in todays society everything revolves around food. So the past two days with unexpected friends and family coming in town made me fall way off the wagon :( but thankfully I'm more determined than ever to complete this. Also on my side the next three weeks ill be at horse shows. During the day it will be extremely easy for me to stay away from "nasty" food but that also means it will also be hard for me to eat a nice big salad during the day. Ill pack some good ol celery sticks yum yum lol!!! Also I know ill be going out to dinner with everyone but I'm going to go prepared with my own salad dressing and be determined to only order a veggie only salad. I felt soooooo much better when I was on only vegetables. I felt lighter and healthier. Yes I missed carbs and sugars but the way I felt was way better than now, which is feeling logged down, bloated, and tired. I learned my lesson and now the only way to go is forward :)


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