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Date:   5/28/2011 1:39:05 PM ( 12 y ago)

Ok, so I've been whecking the www alot, actually more than I should have! So the afternoon was good. Went by slowly.

I noticed I do get super tempted when I'm around food, so I'll try to avoid the kitchen in the next few days.  I used a colon cleanse & it worked out alright. I went twice :-) & I'm continuing it until I'm 'empty'.  I noticed also that dry fasting in the afternoon or actually just dry fasting makes the hunger inexistent.

I think it's because you're more concerned in a way because you do not drink and you'd rather drink than eat if it were to be your first choice.

I'm glad the first day is almost over. I tend to be more insecure during the first days, but after that I'm superwoman! & my selfcontrol is very cooperative!  So on to day 2 of the MC, I already proven myself today that I can resist temptation, I feel it's going to be fun!


Also I'm scared somehow to lose 10 kg... But I thought that was a superbonus... I don't know if I will be able to handle it. It's weird to say bt I do not see myself get thinner & I don't recognise myself in a mirror when I'm smaller. But I do not do this cleanse as a weight loss program! Absolutely not, but I know some fat is going to come of.  I'll see how I'll manage.  Going day by day girl!


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