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Date:   2/2/2011 3:45:24 PM ( 12 y ago)

So I am happy to say I broke my fast...I plateaued at 175.9 for a couple of days, which was really rough when your only drinking water. lol
After seeking advice from some people in the waterfast support forum..I was told I would be very dissapointed on a water fast for 30 days for weight loss. I mean I had my other reasons for fasting but weight loss was the main reason. So seven days on water was an interesting experience; and making the decision to end it is bitter sweet. Funny thing is after breaking the fast on fruit, I went down 2 lbs! This morning I weighed in at 173! It was great being able to have fruit and still lose weight.
I have to say I feel like a changed woman after being on water for 7 days. All those cravings and dreaming about food. And now that I'm eating, I don't want any of the foods I dreamed about. I want fruit, veggies. I also had some blue corn chips with hot salsa. The taste of healthy food is far better then it has ever been to me before. The thought of greese, junk food, bad carbs, sugars even alcohol make me sick! So I will be enjoying my new lifestyle and hopefully these 7 days were enough to reset my tastebuds/thinking about food for good. If not I will go at it again! But for now I will continue down the path of healthy eating and exercise until I reach my goal weight of 155 and after!


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