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Detox cycles are starting, and I feel a little weak.

Date:   1/23/2011 8:04:36 AM ( 12 y ago)

I am doing okay for the most part.  On the 2nd day, I had my first detox cycle.

[Note: I figure out the detox cycle on my first 40-day fast.  The cycle is

1. I suddenly get really moody and my thoughts and emotions are not appropriate for the situation.  This is when the toxins are dug up and released throughout my circulatory system, which goes through the brain as well.  Do you not think toxins/chemicals affect your mood/brain?  Then how do you explain mood-altering medication?  But I digress.  On average, this lasts 3-6 hours.  Then I am back to my normal self for about 2-3 hours.

2. Then I I get some form of physical sickness.  It's either a fever, body ache, joint pain, headache, and so on.  This is your body working hard to purge the intruder just as it does with any disease.  This can last up to 6 hours for me.  Then it goes away and I am fine.

3. Purge process begins.  The toxins will be expelled from the body in some form or fashion.  It can be in the form of acne, boils, sudden  boughts of earwax, snot, body odor, bad breath - when it's expelled through the lungs - BMs, urine, etc.

Dr. Don Colbert explains how and why in his book Toxic Relief, which I highly recommend.   I read it before starting my first one, and I would not have been successful if I had not been prepared for what was going to happen. I would have paniced if I didn't know why I suddenly experienced X, Y, & Z.  I was able to sit back, understand what was going on and allow my body to do what it was designed to do.

4. Then I would experience an overwhelming sense of feeling great.  That was when my body would go back to resting before it would attack the next layer of toxins.]

So on the second day, I was really cranky in the morning. I hated everyone.  And then it went away.  The next step was the neck aches, which eventually dissipated.  Then I experienced a horrid case of body odor that only lasted 3 hours thank goodness.  The same thing happened yesterday, followed by some abscesses.

There were several major grumbles of hunger yesterday, day 3, but they only lasted about 10 minutes each.  I took an Epsom salt/coconut butter bath, which always makes me feel better.  However, I am very weak this morning.

I plan to do little this Sunday.  I think overdid the electronic media yesterday, and I need to focus on God a little more.

Weight: day 3, 146.8lbs / day 4, 145.5lbs
BMI: 25.07 / 24.84
Waist: 31" / 30.25"
Right thigh: 25.25"/ 25.5"
Left thigh: 24.75"/24.25"
Belly: 40.5"/40.5"
Butt: day 4, 42.5"
Bust: day 4, 40.5"


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