Day one water fast by Zohar .....

Starting water fast, looking for support and offering to pray and support others. Day One.

Date:   1/3/2011 4:40:05 AM ( 12 y ago)

Hello everyone.

First of all I just want to say Im not doing this so that I look like a good christian, or trying to make myself look holy or any closer to G-D than other people around me. If anything i want to strengthan my relationship with G-d. Im looking for support and offering to pray and willing to support others. Ill admit my faith is not strong enough to go this fast alone, im hoping one day my faith will be strong enough to do this just me and G-d. I believe that we are all hear to help each other and love one another.

Please let me know if you want me to pray for you regarding anything. And please pray for me too.

Godbless Zohar x


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