End of Day 1 by JuliaRachael .....

end of day 1, symptoms : slight hunger.

Date:   11/1/2010 3:23:50 AM ( 11 y ago)

well i succeeeded. well technically it isnt the end of day 1. but its a long time since the beggining so i decided to write :) well blog. Experiencing minor hunger, i can manage. Thats normal for day 1. for me day 2 is hell. but day 3 it gets better. i normally give up at the end of day 2 cause its horrible. wish me luck and hope i dont give up tomorow.

soz, but i wont weigh in until next monday 7/11/10. cause i prefer to weigh once a week and not focus on weight loss, rather on how i feel and my body fixing up. i get a little obsessive.. hehe but don't we all? I will probally be up for awhile because i woke up late this morning... 12 oclock! i know. thats what holidays does for you, i will set me alarm :D hehe.


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