A local coin, and one from across the Atlantic by Deborah Lockett .....

Yesterday, Saturday, Andrew and I were riding my bike to sports store Decathlon when we found two coins, one from each side of the Atlantic...

Date:   10/10/2010 2:37:02 AM ( 11 y ago)

As usual my front bike tyre ran over the coins, lying at the edge of the road on a roundabout at the approach to a flyover over a motorway.

At first I saw only one coin, and taking advantage of a break in the traffic, I dismounted and picked it up. I then turned the bike around in order to get off the road before re-mounting and spotted a second coin that I had run over but not seen, a couple of metres from where I found the first one.

When I got the coins out of my pocket in the park shortly afterwards, their details had been partly obliterated by the car wheels passing over them, and at first they seemed identical as they were both copper and both the same size. However, on inspection one turned out to be a local coin -- 2 Euro cents -- while the other one, on the reverse, had ONE CENT at the bottom, and a picture of the Lincoln Memorial in the centre. According to Wikipedia it is a U.S. penny minted between 1959 and 2009. I assume it had been circulating here mixed in with the local currency as you can't tell the difference unless you look at the detail.

This was our first shopping trip for some time, prompted by the arrival of some money into my account. When I planned the trip I invited Grandad and Nanna along and the message attached to the coins seemed to be simply the confirmation that they were accompanying us.


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