Hanging out at a food festival all day.. by dreaCA .....

Day 4

Date:   9/20/2010 12:35:25 PM ( 12 y ago)

There is a food festival every fall in my city,
and my boyfriend has been talking about it all year.

I hung out there with him all day yesterday drinking water only.

I fell much better then when I started the cleanse, no headache, no allergies,
almost no more rib pain..
The only thing that still hurts a bit is my lower back.

Nothing much else to report today,
I am still doing the SWF & getting amazing results,
which is something I never really did before when I was on my other cleanses..

-10 pounds in 4 days!
Encouragement & Comments are gladly appreciated..

Have a Wonderful Day!


Day 4 : 165.6 Pounds


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