Juicing Days 6 to 9 Update by apstan222 .....

"Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about"

Date:   7/22/2010 6:47:50 AM ( 13 y ago)

I will not give up! I am currently on Day 10 and in the last 9 juicing days I have managed to lose 10.8lbs. I am now 9st 13.6lbs (139.6lbs - yay, finally in the 130s!), which is great.

I have been having pineapple juice with lemon the last few days, but got sick of it yesterday so have changed to grapefruit, which tastes absolutely delicious.

I am however feeling tired and not drinking as much as I should. I will from today incorporate more water as otherwise the cleanse will not work fully. And also, must get vegetables inside me as it has all been fruit so far, and acidic ones at that! I have not been that hungry either, which has been a great plus.

My aim was to get to 9st 10lbs by next Tuesday (5 days time). Need to lose 3.6lbs more and I am there. 3lbs in 5 days is doable, however I have had some stubborn weight the last couple of days.

My weight loss has been as follows:

Day 1 - 10st 10.4lbs
Day 2 - 10st 8.2lbs
Day 3 - 10st 5.8lbs
Day 4 - 10st 4.4lbs
Day 5 - 10st 3.0lbs
Day 6 - 10st 2.0lbs
Day 7 - 10st 1.8lbs
Day 8 - 10st 0.6lbs
Day 9 - 10st 1.0lbs (gain of 0.4lbs - random!)
Day 10 - 9st 13.6lbs

Loss of 10.8lbs so far in 9 days (still on Day 10). This makes it my most successful juice fast in terms of weight loss so far! But then I have put on more weight so that might be the reason.

I was curious as to why my weight went up on Day 9, but after today, I am pleased that it is still continuing on down!

I have done 2 previous long fasts. First one was October 2008 which lasted 11 days (I lost 8.3lbs and was 9st 8.9lbs), and the next one November 2009 lasting 10 days (I lost 8.4lbs and was 9st 9.4lbs). Today is Day 10 for me on this fast and I am being very good, I have to say. Mainly because I have the added incentive of wanting to look my best for the wedding on Tuesday!

I think I will have to break my fast however on Sunday, which would be after 12 days. Am trying to see if there is anyway that I can get out of eating at this wedding and ...

Re the quote above, it reminds me of not quitting and hopefully I will get to my ideal weight of around 8st 7bs (around 119lbs). That is now 20lbs away...

If I do break my fast, I need to lose another 4lbs before 10 August. Which again is doable. But after that, I need to lose another 16lbs...

I keep thinking about food and all the recipes that I am going to cook when I am finished. I have a great fear of putting back all the weight I have lost and wanting to eat incredibly healthy to prevent it!

Foods that I would break the fast with would be:

Slimfast Milkshake
Pureed foods really!

Is there anything else I can add to that list?

I am starting to get hungry so must have some water/juice.

More updates to follow...


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