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7 days of water fasting

Date:   7/20/2010 8:27:15 PM ( 12 y ago)

I am not finding the time to blog every day so I think I am going to give myself weekly updates, short and sweet-Just like me ;)

I have finished my first week of water fasting on july 14, 2010. After 7 days of water fasting I lost 18.5 lbs.

I am quite impressed with that weight. I couldn't have lost it this fast without fasting, that's for sure!!

I feel great, my skin has never looked this great, I have lost so much fat in my face and upper ab area.

Everything is going picture perfect. I am not hungry, I am deep into ketosis ( I check with the sticks).

I had the white on the tongue at around day 8.

I do have severe dry mouth and my mouth does taste sort of rank, but I'll take it if it means losing weight this fast.

Tomorrow is week 2 weigh in, I'll post my loss for the week.


Daisy :D


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