Day 4, done like dinner, but no dinner ;) by daisylou1976 .....

my day 4 on the water fasting only plan

Date:   7/11/2010 2:13:38 AM ( 11 y ago)

Day 4 done

July 10, 2010 was my 4th day of water only fasting

wake up weight; 282 lbs, 2 lbs gone from yesterday
total of 9.5 lbs gone in 4 days

Well a little pooped earlier in the day, but maybe I needed to get pumped up with some water. I felt much better later on.

Not hungry at all, only head hunger. I have been so used to eating that it was just a habit. I started talking to some friends about our favorite foods and even though I wasn't physically hungry, all I wanted to do was eat. So I am really going to have to work on that throughout this fast.

i want to emerge a new person. I cannot ever go back to my old ways, toxic ways. I am so glad that I have discovered this "gift"

Starting day 5 soon, cant wait to conquer it!


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