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10st 6.4lbs

Date:   6/18/2010 7:21:06 AM ( 13 y ago)

At 7.40am this morning, weighed myself and am now 10st 6.4lbs. Haven't been this weight for the last six months I think. That's 1.4lb loss since yesterday. Thought to myself would it have been more if I had not drank all that water? (But then water has no calories!!)

Did my oil pulling with sesame seed oil for 20 minutes. My teeth do feel a lot cleaner after doing that. I have been doing it on and off twice a day for the last three weeks I think. Will continue, as it can only be doing me good, surely.

It is the night of the England match (World Cup in South Africa) and we've been invited to a barbecue at my sister-in-law's. Just reminded her that I am not eating after 5pm (as per my diet the last two weeks), so they do not need to know that I am actually not eating solids at all.

Yesterday I have to say was one of the best juicing days I had (surprising for day 1 of any fast). Reason being it was the first juicing day (out of the 30 probably I have done so far) that I incorporated 2 litres of water. It kept my stomach so happy and full that I can now understand how people can do water fasts. Before I used to think that it was not right just to live on water, but I am beginning to understand.

I didn't have any headaches yesterday, but the smell from my mouth was FOUL! Hubby commented saying 'you stink'! He's quite blunt, you see! I explained it was the juice!!

I had about 1.5 litres of water yesterday and only had half of my juice as I didn't feel the need to drink any more. Went to bed about 12.15am and as soon as my head hit the pillow I realised how tired I was. It was a good night's sleep.

It is 1.15pm now and I am at work. My skin is looking like it has that little bit of colour in it, and my mouth is as foul as ever! Am trying not to speak to anyone for the shame of polluting their faces!

I think I will continue until tomorrow lunch time, but I should ease in to the process. Contemplated on just skipping the birthday meal so that I could stay on this fast, but that won't last as I am seeing my parents on Sunday and anytime I lose weight my mum thinks I am starving myself and has a go at me! It's hilarious!

I am myself wondering what I am doing on a 2 day fast. Very random. Then I wonder if I should just drink juice every day and have one main meal. I miss cooking for my husband. He has been quite good the last two weeks as I have cooked in advance and left things for him to eat. He doesn't like eating alone.

I miss cooking curry! I have become a much better cook since moving into my own flat (apartment for all my American friends). It was hard as my in laws, although nice in their own way, made me feel inadequate as they are such able people, and I found that really intimidating. WHY!!!

Anyway, we are both much happier being by ourselves, which has led me to become more of an adventurous cook, meaning I don't have to worry about people's comments, or people saying it should be done like this. NOOOOOOOO. My kitchen, my rules now! And I have come up with quite a few masterpieces which I am so glad about. Sometimes it pays to not stick to the recipe!

Rambling on again, so best get back to my juice as my stomach is rumbling. Must also remember to drink a lot of water.

Take care y'all, and let's see how England perform today...


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