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Day 2

Date:   5/20/2010 4:53:22 AM ( 13 y ago)

So.....yesterday I think I overdosed on the MC lemonade formula because I have woken up feeling bloated. I am the same weight as yesterday but I have a lovely headache to company my zero weight loss. On the bright side, its also zero weight gain, and it is only day one.

I attempted a salt water flush - never again - unless i am feeling super brave, brave as in willing to throw up on myself and heave until my head explodes. I don't understan how anybody else does the salt water flush - it tastes terrible,.
My first couple of gulps were brave of me, and I thought for a second that it was easier than imagined - then my gag reflex kicked in. My eyes watered and my mouth developed that slaivating feeling you get right before you are about to vomit - lovely! So those limited gulps were all I was having - at least I tried right?

So that salt water flush idea is down teh drain - literally - and I think this morning I will have a laxatee.

On second thoughts, I have had laxatee 4 days before I started this cleanse so maybe a longer break is required. i shall have a green tea in hopes that will aid my puffer fish bloated feeling. Dont worry, its all natural.

It seems typing this has alleviated some pressure from my headache - thank you CUREZONE!!

As for food - I am not even hungry, but really want red meat - more specifically a juicy cheese burger and/or a juicy medium, pink no blood steak - is this because I am anemic? (which I truly am) or am I just being greedy? I fear it is the latter.

Here is a question if anyone by some chance reads this - I am due to go to a few bars tomorrow night - can I drink any form of alcohol? red wine? vodka and orange juice? Is there naything I can have? even if, granted it is only in small amounts?


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