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day 3 of my juice fast

Date:   5/9/2010 4:46:33 AM ( 12 y ago)

Hi! this is day 3 of my 21 day juice fast.

Today I'm feeling good, better than yesterday. Yesterday I had my first detox symptoms such as weakness, lightheadness, dizziness. I was also having headaches. I drank juice to make them go away.. and they did go away..but tadaaamm - after some time they were back.

Today I feel very energised so I feel like going for a run in the evening.

I'm drinking a lot of juice, especially vegetable juice and trying to get used to the taste of vegetable juice. I see an improovement :) I found out that I really love fresh tomatoe's so much better than the canned ones that have salt and spices added (yuck).
One thing is really weird though. my body just doesn't seem to accept water today. So instead of water I'm drinking birch tree juice (really yum). Very refreshing.
Here you can see how birch tree looks:

have a nice day! bye :)))



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